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SeaSoil is a biotech company fighting plastic pollution by transforming agricultural waste into a biomaterial similar to popular plastics.

Agriculture & Waste
Funding stage:
Pre-seed funding
Biomaterial, agricultural waste
Annual Recurring Revenues:

“The most invaluable support we've received from VT has undoubtedly been the one-on-one mentor consultations. These sessions have provided us with critical insights, guidance, and actionable advice to navigate various challenges and make informed decisions. Additionally, securing funding through VT has been instrumental in driving our project forward, enabling us to invest in research, development, and scaling our operations.”

Michael Cyrankiewicz
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SeaSoil creates an innovative and modern material.

SeaSoil does this by utilizing agricultural and food waste in a biotechnologically advanced process, producing new molecules that are similar to popular plastics (e.g. polypropylene and polyethylene), biodegradable in all conditions of microbial contamination (e.g. sea, soil, forest), where at the end it of its life will leave behind compost and other micronutrients commonly present in the environment. 

Our material is an ideal replacement for plastic in agriculture or other industries because it is waterproof, impact-resistant, durable and plastic, allowing it to be moulded into various shapes.

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