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Ventures Thrive is an EIC-funded, Pan-European Venture Builder providing €1.5 Million to support to 32 startups from Widening Countries.

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We focus on the following key industries to build collaboration between startups and large organisations


  • Addressing the upstream determinants of disease
  • Healthier lifestyles, personalised disease prevention
  • Uptake of digital tools and services


  • High quality, safe, effective and greener medicinal products
  • Increasing the quality and outcome of healthcare with innovative analytical tools
  • Sustainable health systems, technologies and supply chains


  • Addressing global needs relating to health, ageing and the environment
  • Tackle unmet medical needs in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Novel approaches to treat degenerative diseases and injury


  • Boosting renewable, affordable, and clean energy deployment
  • Modernisation of the energy networks 
  • Sustainable use of energy
  • Utilising carbon capture, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal storage

Veterinary Medicine

  • More effective veterinary medicines and technologies to prevent disease in animals
  • Animal management and farming systems solutions
  • Enhance resource-efficiency and security in the veterinary medicine supply chain

Agriculture & Waste

  • Transforming Europe’s agriculture sector and food systems 
  • Experiment with new foods, products, services, shorter food supply chains
  • Circular economy across full value chains


  • Enable more sustainable protection of the marine environment
  • Prevent and eliminate pollution, emissions, marine litter and contaminants
  • Promoting new uses of the maritime space

We are committed to improving opportunities for deeptech founders who are addressing  some of the world’s most pressing problems

Deeptech solutions

(BigData, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Bio-Tech) addressing pressing challenges in our focus areas

Minimum Marketable Product

Product/service and technology that has passed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage (TRL-6, technology demonstrated in a relevant environment)

Widening Countries

Based in Central Eastern Europe or in the widening countries (see FAQ for full list of eligible countries)

About the programme

During an 8-months programme selected startups are working alongside top corporates, investors, institutions and mentors.

Each accepted startup is eligible for up to €100,000 in cash and services - Equity-free!

Phase 1: Closed

October 20, 2023

Application Open
Deeptech startup founders apply for the programme.

January 31, 2024

Application Close

Early March 2024

Evaluation Days
Startups are assessed on readiness and fit with the programme. Twenty teams will be selected for the programme.

Phase 2: Build

March 2024

Programme Starts
During the first month, the 20 selected startups will work with Ventures Thrive coaches to produce a Master Plan around their needs regarding Sales & BusDev., Product Development, and Fundraising from private & public sources. Each team will commit to a set of realistic KPIs to pursue during the Ventures Thrive programme.

Spring 2024

Pitch Contest
Teams will pitch to industry leaders and corporate partners. All companies reaching this stage qualify to receive a Venture Ticket of €5,000 equity-free, to cover travel & accommodation costs to attend the Selection Days. 10 startups will be selected to continue to the next phase.

Phase 3: Grow

April - October 2024

Growth Programme 
The 10 selected startups begin a 6-month growth programme including workshops, masterclasses, mentoring, and coaching around specific topics related to investment readiness. Startups that are working on specific Corporate Challenges will also work directly with the corporates.

Phase 4: Raise

October 2024

Demo Day
A day to celebrate startups’ achievements during the programme in front of hundreds of investors, corporates, mentors, and press attendees. Prizes will be awarded to the top three startups.

Why startups join the programme?

€1,500,000 million EQUITY-FREE

Once accepted on the programme, startups are eligible to receive up to €100,000 equity-free funding (cash + services) subject to reaching programme milestones).

Global Network

Access to a global network of mentors, corporate partners, industry experts, and investors from 20+ countries.

Strategic Partnerships

Connections to the leading corporates in your industry for pilot projects, partnership opportunities, and as customers

Investor Access

Meet the most active VCs and Angel investors in your industry from around the world.


Legal, finance, go-to-market and assistance in identifying and applying for R&D grants to help mature your technology stack with non-dilutive funding

8-month programme

A once in a lifetime opportunity to join a specialised deeptech accelerator + venture builder, providing hands-on support and valuable introductions to scale your business.

Increased Visibility

Celebrate your achievements during the programme in front of 1000+ investors, corporates, mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and press attendees.

Funding & Sales

Partner with leading companies to increase your product launch and sales capabilities. Build your network of investors, and explore public funding opportunities.

Meet the startups

These are the 12 startups that have been funded by the first cohort of Ventures Thrive.




Decarbonizing small commercial buildings with AI




Transforming waste into resources with big data analytics and AI




Improving operational and energy efficiency for wind turbines




Transforming agricultural waste into a biomaterial replacement for plastics

Bluana Icon



Producing healthy, delicious, plant-based seafood products




Helping companies cut carbon emissions and achieve sustainability




Optimized triage and patient monitoring in the ER

ARA Robotics

ARA Robotics


Autonomous mobile robots for commercial chores




Optimizing photovoltaic park performance and field operations




Data-driven energy intelligence solution




Upcycling agrifood side streams into highly nutritional ingredients

Digital Bites

Digital Bites


VR-based product-validation for food manufacturers

Startup feedback

Here's what VT participants have to say about the programme.

"VT's management team & industry experts helped us refine our business model. The connections we’ve made opened doors for partnerships in our target markets."

Karel Kotoun
Co-Founder, Green0meter

Karel Kotoun

Co-Founder, Green0meter

"Securing funding through Ventures Thrive has been instrumental in driving our project forward, enabling us to scale our operations and invest in research and development."

Michael Cyrankiewicz
CEO, SeaSoil

Michael Cyrankiewicz

CEO, SeaSoil

"VT connected us with incredible mentors who have helped us prepare for our seed round investment and develop our business model, marketing strategy, and IP strategy."

Jon Goriup Dermastia
Co-Founder & CEO, VCG.AI

Jon Goriup Dermastia

Co-Founder & CEO, VCG.AI

About Us

Ventures Thrive is

Ventures Thrive is one of the first pan-European deeptech venture builders committed to helping startups quickly scale their development. We are delivering on our mission by providing equity-free funding and a curated growth programme, which will connect startups with investors and corporations to test their solutions in real-world scenarios.

Funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC), the €1,500,000 grant will be deployed over two years to invest in up to 32 deeptech startups focused on addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Founding Members

Wolves Summit is an integrated deal-flow and digital marketing platform for investors and tech companies.

Offering year-round engagement through digital events, corporate innovation challenges, and startup scaling activities. Every edition attracts a diverse audience of 2000+ investors, startups, and industry leaders.

Since 2015, Wolves Summit events facilitated over 35,000 meetings between 19,000+ participants. The summit has a network of 170+ community partners globally which includes accelerators and startup operators. In 2021 the company spun out a new startup division called WolvesX supporting large organisations such as LG Electronics, PwC, Garage+, Economic Development Board in Singapore, among others, addressing a wide range of corporate and government innovation challenges.

For more information please

ACCELER8 is a privately funded venture builder

working with deeptech companies and the scientific community during the past years, very oriented to commercialising science-based innovations.

ACCELER8 has established several companies, built R&D projects, and raised €50M+ of funding for these endeavours.

Over the years, A8 has worked with 100+ ERC/EIC researchers and high-tech startups.

For more information please

Anthology Ventures is an angel-powered venture studio, working in Southern, Central and Eastern European countries.

They specialize in fundraising and development for early-stage deeptech, spinoff, and consumer-oriented startups, in the Climate, Energy, Transport, Ag/biotech, Medtech, Proptech, and Edtech sectors.

AV also provides matchmaking, training and development for early Angel Investors, and partners in EU-funded consortia.

Anthology has worked with more than 150 startups since its founding in 2018.

For more information please

Programme Leadership

Antti Heikkilä, CEO Acceler8

Antti Heikkilä

CEO, Acceler8

Adriane Thrash, Anthology Ventures Managing Partner

Adriane Thrash

Managing Partner, Anthology Ventures

Maria Rodideal, Communications Manager

Maria Rodideal

Communications Manager

Frequestly Asked Questions

About Ventures Thrive

What is the purpose of the Ventures Thrive programme?

The purpose of Ventures Thrive is to reduce the existing hurdles deeptech companies face in trying to reach the market, with a combination of equity-free funding, a growth programme, access to specialised investors and a real connection with corporate partners to promote open innovation activities.

How does the programme work?

Ventures Thrive will host an 8-month programme in 2 different open calls, offering a total of €1.5M to 32 young companies. This equity-free funding will be combined with connections to top corporates, investors, institutions and mentors, helping increase the runway and capacity to grow.

There are 3 phases to qualify for the Ventures Thrive Acceleration Programme, aside from the Open Calls: 
Programme Starts - Phase 1 (Build)

During the first month, 12 selected startups will work with Ventures Thrive coaches to refine their Business Case taking into account a number of specific indicators such as product development and commercialisation, business development and strategic synergies with the programme’s corporate partners, and future fundraising plan. Each team will commit to a set of realistic KPIs to pursue during the Ventures Thrive programme.

After that, in the second month, they will pitch in front of industry leaders and corporate partners. All companies reaching this stage will be qualified to receive a Venture Ticket of €5,000 equity-free, to cover all your costs associated with pitching.

Programme Phase 2 (Grow)

Startups have already set specific milestones and KPIs to achieve during their 6-month growth programme. Each startup will receive individual mentoring, along with innovation strategy workshops and masterclasses, investment readiness programmes and matchmaking, building a business use case for addressing real-life corporate challenges, and access to industry events. 

Demo Day (Raise)

Startups will present their achievements during the programme and give a final pitch at Wolves Summit. Teams must be present to receive an award.

Only startups that reach at least 80% of their KPIs in phase 2 will be eligible for awards. Prizes will be awarded to the top three startups (€15,000, €10,000 and €5,000 respectively). This funding is in addition to money already received within the regular programme.

About the Programme

How much time will I need to dedicate to the effort?

The Ventures Thrive programme will take 8 months. It will be split into 3 different phases:

1. Build (phase 1) - 2 months

2. Grow (phase 2) - 5 months

3. Raise (phase 3) - 1 month

How and when can I apply?

The first call for applications is now open. You can apply by clicking on the button Apply now. It will take you to the Sploro platform where you must create an account, and then fill in the application form. Make sure to read the Guidelines for Applications. You will find all the information you need to know before applying.

Is the funding given by the Ventures Thrive programme equity-free?

Yes, it is a grant and we do not expect anything in return.

What happens after I submit my application?

After you submit your application, it will pass a first screening test. After that, you will receive an email, describing the next steps.

Where does the programme take place? Do I need to relocate?

Ventures Thrive is a hybrid programme. You don’t need to relocate, however, there will be some events (Pitch Contest, Demo Day) that you’ll need to attend offline.

What portion of the awarded funding is provided in cash?

Startups accepted into Ventures Thrive can receive up to €100k in funding, of which €95k will be provided in cash and €5k in services. Receipt of the full €100k is subject to the startup reaching programme goals.

Can my startup carry on its operations throughout the programme’s duration?

Yes, your startup can carry on its operations throughout the programme's duration.

The purpose of the Thrive Growth programme is to help you grow your business, not to hinder it. The programme is designed around your company’s goals/KPIs and Ventures Thrive supporting you to reach these goals.

The majority of the programme is remote, which means that you do not need to relocate (excluding 2 startup events where you are expected to pitch and meet investors). This will allow you to keep your business running smoothly while you access the programme.

How and when will the awarded funding be dispersed?

The funding, provided as a grant, will be delivered to startups across a series of programme milestones. All accepted startups will receive €5k to draft a masterplan and present it to the jury at the Pitch Contest, set to be held in May 2024.

In 2024, the 10 startup finalists (chosen during the Pitch Contest) can also benefit from the following funds:

  • A €5k mentorship voucher intended for helping startups achieve their KPIs.
  • €37.5k in cash at the growth programme’s mid-point, provided that the KPIs established for the first 3 to 4 months are met.
  • €37.5k in cash at the end of the growth programme, provided that all the established KPIs are met.
  • €15k, €10k, or €5k cash prizes for the three best performing startup finalists, as selected during the Ventures Thrive Demo Day, set to be held in October 2024.

About Startup Eligibility Criteria

Which countries are eligible for the programme?

Companies established or operating in the Widening area, defined by the European Commission as:

EU member States: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Associated countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, North Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Outermost Regions (defined in Art. 349 TFEU): Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands.

What type of innovations are eligible?

Deeptech solutions leveraging BigData, AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Bio-Tech to address challenges, with promising solutions in the identified focus areas.

What stage of the company is the right fit?

Startups should have a working technology that has passed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage (TRL-6 - technology demonstrated in a relevant environment). The startup should also be actively looking for private funding. It is also beneficial that the startup can generate sales.

What do you mean by an Mentoring Voucher?

Each selected startup will receive a 5000 voucher to be redeemed for focused mentoring, expert content & training, and investor feedback.

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