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Eliava BioPreparations

100 years of scientific excellence in producing Bacteriophages as sustainable antibacterial solutions.

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At Eliava Biopreparations we are at the forefront of revolutionizing the fight against bacterial infections.

We are committed to developing innovative solutions that combat AMR - the growing threat of bacterial resistance and improve human and animal health. With decades of expertise and a rich scientific legacy, we harness the power of bacteriophages – nature's own creations that target and destroy specific bacteria. 

Our aim  is to use the unique knowledge and experience of the Eliava Institute to produce highly effective and safe bacteriophage preparations for use in human health, veterinary and environmental care.  At Eliava BioPreparation we use natural bacteriophages, offering a sustainable and targeted approach to combat bacterial infections in animals, humans and environment . We embrace the One Health approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of human health, animal health, and the environment. By promoting the principles of One Health, we strive to achieve holistic solutions that improve the well-being of individuals, animals, and the planet.

EBP employs more than 30 scientists and phage production specialists full time, has 6 human health and several customized veterinary products on the market.

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