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As we move into the second half of the Ventures Thrive growth programme, we’re thrilled to be shining a spotlight on each of our six finalists, starting off with WindTAK.

This startup delivers professional solutions in wind engineering, focusing on areas related to the operation of turbines and the improvement of their energy efficiency. WindTAK acknowledges that the nature of the wind, local environmental conditions, and variable energy prices, combined with the characteristics of a given turbine, require an individual approach.

A wind turbine generating offshore or onshore energy should effectively generate environmental, social and market benefits. It does this when it operates predictably and faultlessly - while taking into account the extension of its life cycle and storing surplus energy optimally. There is no better way to do this than with specialized IT tools. They ensure the operational efficiency of entire wind farms by analyzing and monitoring all parameters critical to the production of clean energy or green hydrogen. Aerodynamic add-ons, which are additionally sensed, provide excellent support in this process and provide data on the condition of the installation.

At the end of precise analyses, WindTAK tries to see the benefit and profit for the investor - both public and private. This makes it easier to find capital, infrastructure, and regulatory relief, as well as to be granted the green light from decision makers and planners; particularly when thinking about reducing environmental risks, service operating costs, or insurance.

In light of this, the startup’s precise analysis allows for the best use of wind resources and turbine potential - the two most important profit generating factors for the owner of a wind turbine.

In a relatively short timespan, the WindTAK team has demonstrated exceptional dedication and ingenuity as well as an unwavering commitment to achieving their goals. We cannot wait to dive into the exciting journey they’ve embarked upon.

Startup Profile

  • Mission: Improving operation and energy efficiency for wind turbines
  • Country of Origin: Poland 🇵🇱
  • Focus Area/s: Energy & Marine

Here’s what Maciej Karczewski, CEO & Co-Founder at WindTAK, has to say about his startup’s Ventures Thrive journey.

“The Ventures Thrive programme provided us with access to world-class mentors and gave WindTAK much needed financial support. The former shed new light on the product development roadmap, while the latter gave an extra runaway in times when the EU funds are scarce while investors are less eager to support the CEE-based CleanTECH startups bordering the conflict zone.

Under the Ventures Thrive programme WindTAK was able to secure 3 new client agreements, open talks about 2 new pilot sites, begin beta-testing our algorithms to discover rotor reliability issues and submit 2 grant applications to national and European programmes to name the most important milestones.”

We look forward to sharing more of WindTAK’s journey with you as they navigate the remaining stages of the Ventures Thrive programme. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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