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VCG.AI is an end-to-end industrial circularity solution that uses data and AI to support the industry in discovering, validating, and implementing circular practices to make production processes and supply chains more sustainable and profitable. 

How does the VCG.AI team achieve this? Well, this startup holds an ever-growing database of profitable circular value chains called BioLinks and circular technologies from most innovative startups and technology providers.

Using the AI abd big data approach they help companies and regions identify the most potent circular opportunities and provide the holistic support and partnerships to bring them to life.

Startup Profile

Mission: Helping regions and companies profitably decarbonise their supply chains.

Country of Origin: Germany

Focus Area/s: Industry Decarbonization

We asked Jon Goriup Dermastia, CEO & Co-Founder at VCG.AI to share insights on his startup's Ventures Thrive journey. Here’s what he had to say:

“VT connected us with incredible mentors that have helped us with preparing for our seed round investment, developing the business model, marketing and IP strategy that will all greatly support our future growth. It provided us with the expertise and outside perspective that is invaluable for our company moving forward.

We made significant progress with our product and the product development team to fulfil the first large commercial contracts. We signed powerful partnerships with WWF, Oracle and VIRIDIS to get increasing market access for our scale up and we worked on our patent strategy to protect our market advantage.”

Stay tuned for more insights into VCG.AI’s journey as they navigate the remaining stages of the Ventures Thrive programme. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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